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"Many visitors to Mariemont have commented to residents that Jordan Park looks like it has always been here."

- Mariemont resident

Mary Emery's Vision

The Village of Mariemont, Ohio The Village of Mariemont is designated as a National Historic Landmark because of the pioneering work of Mary Emery who funded the land acquisition, planning and development of the Village. The classic town square, mix of housing and placement of shops, schools, parks and entertainment venues distinguished the Village as a "National Exemplar" when the master plan was unveiled by John Nolen in 1921. In fact, Nolen's town plan originated many of the "new urbanism" concepts being replicated by communities throughout the nation today.

The unified design draws its inspiration from the English garden city and since its founding the Village has maintained a high level of design integrity. However, elements of Emery's vision were never realized including the extension of the town square. Jordan Park, Emery Park, Nolen Park, Livingood Park and Hampstead Park embody the intent of the original town plan and architecture. Although the exterior of the new buildings is inspired from the past, the interior features open, contemporary floor plans with expansive windows, large balconies and beautiful finishes attractive to today's selective buyer.

Through the use of complimentary architecture and sensitivity to the existing town plan, the developments seamlessly integrate into the Mariemont community. A perfect marriage of traditional and modern ammenities, Jordan Park, Emery Park, Nolen Park, Livingood Park, and Hampstead Park offer a one-of-a kind lifestyle.

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